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The Netherlands forbid that to pits

That will not fit the Muslims again. Now they can go smoothly again to the UN and deplore themselves. Or alternatively to their Allah. Because the Netherlands forbid the Islamic slaughtering:

Despite violent protests of Jews and Muslims in the Netherlands Schächtungen are forbidden. With clear majority the parliament was correct into the Hague on Tuesday for an appropriate regulation, which forbids the slaughtering of animals without anaesthetization. Is prescribed believers for the pits both in the Islam and in the judaism.

Bermerkenswert, as cramps Die Presse tried, Jews and Muslims into a boat to put. The Jews did not commit ever a terrorist attack or flags burned, only because them which did not fit. And they also did not send Schächter, only because someone drew a caricature over Jehowa.

Perhaps but shortly the Muslims express a Todesfatwa over “Die Presse”, then one becomes there faster awake… Read more

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