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Norway: Iraqi kidnapped two daughters

The Islam is reliably the most beautiful religion. Above all, if it ensures power over the whereabouts of the daughters to the fathers - so completely differently than the Norwegian secular laws. Therefore no headscarf carrier should mean that this father was in injustice, when he kidnapped his two daughters:

The two girls, and, which were kidnapped on Tuesday in the area Hadeland in south Norway, were found three years old by the police with Hoenefoss healthy again. Three suspects, and also the father of the children, were arrested on Wednesday.

Two girls aged one and three respectively who were kidnapped on Tuesday into the rural district OF Hadeland, southern Norway, have been found safe and wave by policy in nearby H√łnefoss - with three new suspects, including the girls’ more father, being arrested on Wednesday ton of ADDs ton the three arrested the day before.

One of the three recently arrested suspects is the father of the children, who is looked for everywhere in Europe by the police. The father was condemned previous year because of force.

OF the three newly arrested suspects, one is the girls’ more father, who had been sought by the policy across Europe. The more father which read year convicted OF threatening behavior


One believes that the kidnappers wanted to bring the children from the country.

It is believed that the kidnappers intended ton take the children out OF the country.

Dramatic kidnapping took place on Tuesday mornings, as which two children visited her mother, an Iraqi.

The drama TIC kidnapping took place on Tuesday morning while the two girls were visiting their more mother, who is OF Iraqi origin

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Now times please consider:

What is to do such a father with two small children - still to it girls -? Actually is he better, if he does not have her. It did not have to pay anything for it, because he was not to be gotten eh. It played nevertheless with the police through completely Europe Katz and Maus. And the Norwegian state worried, as good in such cases always, very about the children. Do you mean that he kidnapped the children from too large love? Or because it was so beklopft and daily diapers changed, mash to cook and with these small children around have trouble wanted?

Or did it kidnap it nevertheless simply only because in the Islam children are a wealth? Sell-cash articles, if they are female. Girls and women, who know all this and itself from their headscarf and their Allah nevertheless do not separate, are debt. Read more

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