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The “Non existent one” Islamization OF America

Gates’s OF Vienna 29 June 2011
By Elizabeth Sabaditsch Wolff

_Below is A letter report on some OF the peripheral events that occurred during Elizabeth Sabaditsch Wolff’s recent visit ton Washington D.C._
The “Non existent one” Islamization OF America
by Elizabeth Sabaditsch Wolff

As the baron has been reporting for the past couple OF days, he and I attended the ACT! For America national Conference in Washington DC. From June 22 through June 24.

Distinctively from “official” business look for as the meeting with Congressman all west and collecting donations for my defense find, I which able tons catch UP with some friends from various ACT! chapters who came into from across the nation. In addition, I spent A day in my favorite outlet mall in Woodbridge, VA. Read more

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