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Switzerland: The SVP threatens with new Ausschaffungsinitiative

To Denmark and the Netherlands the law concerning aliens is to be intensified also in Switzerland. That demands the Swiss people’s party (SVP). , According to a proposal of the working group used by the Upper House of Parliament to the Ausschaffungsinitiative further foreigners be proven, who are condemned because of criminal offenses to at least six months prison, should, however should classifications not be carried out, if international law were injured. The SVP wants not to accept that and threatens with a further initiative, should not the criteria for the classification be intensified.

The working group for the conversion of the Ausschaffungsinitiative [1] is to present a majority proposal, which corresponds actually to the counter proposal. The SVP does not want to give itself thereby contently.
[1] In the working group for the conversion of the people initiative “for the Ausschaffung of criminal foreigners” two seats for representatives or representatives of the Initiativkomitees are reserved. The cantonal committees responsible for the execution take directors (KKJPD) and the conference of the cantonal social directresses and social directors (SODK) with two persons serve a sentence, with one representative or a representative each from the conference of the cantonal law and police directors and -. The Federal Office for migration (BFM) and the Federal Office for law (BJ) are likewise represented by one person each in the working group. Director/conductor of the working group is Heinrich vest. The practicing lawyer and extraordinary professor for public right of the University of Basel were up to its retirement 2006 during 18 years director of the federal office for law (BJ). (Source)Controversy during the conversion of the Ausschaffungsinitiative: The working group under the direction of law professor Heinrich vest for the conversion of the SVP Ausschaffungs initiative could not itself unite on a common proposal. The report, which is handed over next week at Minister of Justice to Simonetta Sommaruga, presents a majority proposal, which the SVP rejects.

The majority proposal of the working group corresponds to the counter proposal scarcely which was subject in the popular vote in accordance with searches of the “Sunday newspaper” actually.

Human rights respect

To be proven are therefore foreigners, who were condemned to a term of imprisonment by at least 6 months or more. The mechanism for automatic classification is related however in several points. So classifications are not to be carried out, if compelling international law were injured. In addition, other human right reservations are made.

The SVP wants not to let such restrictions be valid. It rejects the majority proposal therefore. To supplement this, although the seven-member working group was ready, the measure of punishment default of 6 months with a concrete crime catalog and although it accepted that the social abuse is to be considered as Ausschaffungsgrund.

If the majority proposal of the working group should become generally accepted, SVP boss of tonuses Brunner already threatens with a second Ausschaffungsinitiative.

Note [1] is from the Admin.

Source: The SVP threatens with new Ausschaffungsinitiative

Here the statement of the SVP to the proposal of the working group used by Bundestag to the Auschaffungsinitiative:

Aren’t 85% of the foreign criminal ones to be out-created?

The SVP seizes counter measures

The SVP takes the final report of the working group for the conversion of the Ausschaffungsinitiative with frightening to the knowledge. The proposal of the majority of the working group is untenable: It would convert the unfit counter project, not however the Ausschaffungsinitiative accepted by people and conditions. As the working group defines minimum penalties as a condition for the Ausschaffung, 85% of the criminal foreigners would not have to leave the country. It cannot be that the people will is ignored in so glaring way. The SVP accepts this not and urgently requests the Upper House of Parliament to convert the people initiative correctly. The SVP will submit an auxiliary report to the Upper House of Parliament in the process of the summer and will submit its view of the things.

The SVP with frightening takes the final report of the working group of the Swiss federal law and police section (EJPD), published today, to the knowledge. The variant requested by the majority the working group contradicts the principal purposes of the initiative diametrically and actually nothing in the present situation would change. Thus the will, which was brought on 28 November 2010 by a majority from people and conditions to the expression, would occur glaringly. With the fact it is in the long run signaled to the people that it does not have to say anything. It was obviously never the intention of Bundesrätin Sommaruga and their expert of converting the initiative correctly.

The commission majority postulates a minimum penalty of 6 months, in order to be able to arrange a national reference. This demand corresponds to the concept of the unfit counter project, which was rejected by all cantons and a majority of the voting citizens. The clear wording of the Ausschaffungsinitiative excludes a minimum penalty: Considerably for a national reference the injury of the right goods must be, not the subjective estimate of a criminal judge. Is added: With a minimum penalty almost 85% the offender could not be out-created, because its punishment is below 6 months.

Also the further restrictions, which the commission majority plans, occur the initiative: While the law variant of the Initiativkomitees would lead this number to approximately 16 ’ 000 national references (of it approximately 8 ’ 000 foreign offenders without right to reside!), would lie with the variant of the commission majority still with well 2 ’ 500 cases. In order to be able to create more security, however - apart from the heavy crimes such as murder, robbery and rape - straight also hard reaching through is with crimes such as bodily injuries, break-down or drug trade necessary, since these endanger the public order and security in particular.

Also the reservations of the commission majority concerning not compelling international law, which have in the long run only the personal circumstances and the well-being of the perpetrator in the focus, are unacceptable from view of the SVP. Altogether the proposal of the commission majority must be classified as unfit: It ignores the defaults and goals of the initiative and orients themselves instead at the rejected counter project. This was not the order of the working group.

Already the composition of the EJPD working group let the bad result suspect: Five Initiativgegner and two proponents should compile an execution law to the Ausschaffungsinitiative. It is not coincidence that only the two proponents supported a literal conversion of the initiative. The SVP before this background an auxiliary report to compile again in detail to be described in order to the Upper House of Parliament as also the parliament their proposal. The party of the public will present this report after summer holidays. The SVP will fight with all it the available means for the correct conversion of the people will. If necessary, a new people initiative is to be launched, which fixes the wording of the correct conversion in the condition.

The SVP thanks their representatives in the working group for their commitment in the sense of the majority of people and conditions.

Source: Aren’t 85% of the foreign criminal ones to be out-created?

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