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The Taunus brought the immigrant workers in the country

Beginning of the 60’s-years was Ford the first German company, which enlisted on a large scale employees abroad. From it the production of the 17M, a success model profited. A record player. That is the largest desire of the 21-year old Onur Dülger from Istanbul. But the money for it must only still earn itself. Therefore it makes a long journey: Over […] Read more

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Protection of the constitution observes Islamhasser

the MIRROR announces. Well then is good. FF cannot be concerned thus, because we do not hate the Islam, we despise this Stone Age “religion” only deeply! SPEIÜBEL continues: Radical Islamhasser is to be more strongly controlled. After Spiegel sources Hamburg lets the Internet platform “Nuremberg 2,0 observe as the first Federal state ″ from its protection of the constitution. The so far unknown doers […] Read more

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Which judges and public prosecutors of everything do not know

Ever more frequently one is confronted with actions of the Austrian public prosecutor’s offices - in particular the BSA troops acting in the area Vienna and Graz -, which a fear and fear for make. Do we at least still live in residues of a constitutional state? This concern thereby increased that the domestic law is controlled obviously by humans, their general education more than incompletely is. […] Read more

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DW: Hajj pilgrimage enters digitally age

The German wave (DW) is according to Wiki the German foreign broadcast and a member of the ARD, thus a GEZ daughter. The photo shows the transmitter in Berlin, in Bonn lives it similarly extensively. If one rum-walked the dear day long in these buildings, completed already all little chats and ausgeschlürft the whole slat macchiato, makes itself of the […] Read more

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Turkey: 1,1 million Kurd not to the knowledge taken - Kurdish ethnic group finally officially recognize!

Society for threatened peoples 4 November 2011 

_50 years German-Turkish enlisting agreement_

On the occasion of the ceremonies to 50. Anniversary of the signing of the German-Turkish enlisting agreement in Berlin accused the society for threatened (GfbV) peoples of the Federal Government on Wednesday to displace the existence of the second largest not-German immigration group systematically. “It is absurd that the existence and identity of the Kurdish third is taken to that approximately three million “Turkish” fellow citizen in Germany simply not to the knowledge”, said GfbV Secretary-General Tilman Zülch in Goettingen. Read more

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The double standards of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan 4 November 2011 

_Erdogan arises again extremely aggressively, in order to win Turks for itself_

The Turkish prime minister Erdogan visits obviously gladly the Federal Republic of Germany, in order to demand there more concessions for its compatriots and to draw German hospitality by the dirt. The last visit provided again for large indignation: It criticized the German integration policy, which demands in its eyes still too much from the immigrants, and criticizes the sluggish EU accession negotiations. Erdogan goes even so far accusing Germany of the people law breaking because by the Turks German knowledge is demanded. An unbelievable insolence in view of the violations of human rights, which take place momentarily in Turkey. Read more

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